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This young woman was displeased that her breasts had never developed as fully as she had hoped. When she met with me at my office, she made it clear that she wanted a very natural, subtle result that would look proportionate to her body. Based on her physical examination and our discussion, I felt that this patient would be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation using silicone implants.

I recommended that the patient choose to have her implants placed through an incision at the upper edge of the areola and positioned below the muscle of the chest. In the operating room, I tried multiple sizers before determining that Mentor smooth round 325cc moderate-plus profile cohesive silicone-gel implants looked best for her frame.

This patient did very well after her procedure and enjoyed a normal recovery. At her follow-up appointment, she told me she was extremely happy with the difference her new breasts made to her entire figure

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 20
Gender: Female