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Women from all over the country visit Dr. Robert Cohen for a breast lift in Beverly Hills. This procedure is performed in order to restore an aesthetic, youthful shape to sagging breasts. 

Why have a breast lift procedure?

Aging and gravity cause the natural suspensory ligaments of the breasts to stretch, which can lead to sagging, even for those with smaller breasts. Breastfeeding can cause the internal breast tissues to shrink, which can leave the breasts flatter and droopier, and weight loss can also produce a deflated breast appearance, which bothers many women.

All of these problems can be improved by a breast lift (mastopexy), which not only lifts, but also reshapes the breasts.

If you’re interested in a breast lift in Beverly Hills, Dr. Cohen would love to speak with you and answer all of your questions. Request a consultation or call (310) 288-0641 to schedule an appointment.

A personalized Beverly Hills breast lift

Every breast lift that Dr. Cohen performs is customized to meet the physical, emotional, and lifestyle needs of the individual. 

During your consultation for a breast lift in Beverly Hills, he will spend a great amount of time thoroughly going over all aspects of the surgery to be sure that you understand all of your options. He will carefully guide you in making the best choices for your desired outcome.

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Combining a breast lift with other treatments

Breast lift surgery helps women to once again feel confident about their breasts, often after a long period of feeling self-conscious. Many women, particularly mothers in a mommy makeover, will combine their breast lift surgery with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to also correct sagging and laxity in the abdomen. 

Another common combination is breast augmentation (with implants or fat grafting) and a breast lift for women who want larger, as well as perkier, breasts.

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Dr. Cohen answers Breast Lift questions

Watch as Dr. Cohen answers common questions about breast lift. Including average recovery time and incision types

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Surgical details about a breast lift procedure

Each unique patient will require a different amount of lifting to restore the breasts to their ideal shape and position. Other variables include the amount of remaining breast tissue, the elasticity of the skin, and the size and position of the areolas. 

Please note that all of the techniques that Dr. Cohen uses will keep the nipple and areola completely attached to the underlying breast tissue. Although it can be necessary in the most extreme cases (rarely), he has never removed a nipple as a free nipple graft during his years in private practice.

The Art of Peri-areolar Technique

For some women with minimal sagging, conical-shaped breasts, or oversized areolas, Dr. Cohen can add an implant and remove a modest circle of skin from around the border of the areola to achieve the desired results. This is called a peri-areolar or circumareolar mastopexy, and can be a great, minimally scarring technique in the right patients. 

If this technique is used inappropriately, where a more extensive technique is necessary, it can lead to distortion of the breast or worsening of the areolar scars. That’s why it’s very important to work with an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Cohen, who knows when and when not to use a circumareolar mastopexy.

For patients with more extensive drooping, Dr. Cohen may have to do a much greater degree of tailoring of the skin and underlying tissue to create a round, youthful, uplifted breast. 

This usually involves an incision which encircles the areola, then descends vertically to the breast fold, sometimes called a “lollipop incision”. If even more skin removal is necessary for the best breast shape, a scar under the breast might be necessary as well, resulting in an “anchor” or “inverted-T” scar.

Implants and Fat Grafting

If a patient has enough breast tissue already, Dr. Cohen can perform these procedures without implants. If the patient desires to be larger or has too little tissue for an optimal result, more volume can be added with an implant, or in certain cases fat grafting breast augmentation is also an option. 

Fat grafting to the breast involves removing fat with liposuction from an area of the body where it is not wanted, processing the fat to remove impurities, and then re-injecting the fat into the breasts to give them extra fullness and soft tissue padding.

As mentioned above, when a woman's breast tissue has shrunk significantly, or she has little native tissue to begin with, a breast implant may be placed during the breast lift to create the desired volume and shape. This procedure is called an augmentation-mastopexy and combines breast lift and breast augmentation techniques. 

If a patient has asymmetrical breasts or is larger than she wants to be, tissue can be removed at the time of the lift. This is generally a more modest version of a breast reduction and usually leaves the majority of breast tissue intact.

Strattice & Galaform®

If the tissues are thin or weak, Dr. Cohen may recommend the use of Strattice™ or Galaform®, which are soft tissue reinforcement materials that provide support as an “internal bra” and can help maintain results.

After surgery, most women can get back to light activities and office work within a week. I provide detailed information about the surgery, aftercare, and resuming specific activities at the pre-op appointment.

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