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This 34-year-old woman met with me in my medical office for advice about her options for a breast augmentation procedure. Like most of my patients, she felt it was very important to achieve a shape that would not only look fuller, but also maintain a very natural appearance that would balance well with her figure.

I felt that this patient would do best with silicone implants placed through an inframammory incision and under the muscles for the most natural appearance. We discussed round vs. anatomical implants due to the patient's relatively wide chest shape and I felt an oval anatomical implants would give the patient the best overall result. In the operating room I used Sientra 400cc moderate-profile, textured, oval anatomical implants.

After the surgery, this patient recovered nicely, and she was very pleased with the improvement in her breast shape and size. She also told me she was extremely happy with the difference her new breasts made to her figure.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 34
Gender: Female