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This patient is a 25 year old female who visited my practice with interest in breast augmentation. This patient felt disproportionately small, and was also unhappy with her breast asymmetry.

On examination, I felt that this patient was a very good candidate for breast augmentation, however, I explained that some postoperative asymmetry would likely be present due to the fact that her left breast skin was very tight and the breast overall was smaller and higher than the right. Additionally, she had a more prominent ribcage and sternal bone on the left side. I felt that I would need different sized implants in order to achieve the best symmetry.

In surgery, I placed smooth, round, high profile Mentor cohesive silicone gel implants through the areolas and under the chest muscles for the most natural result. Due to the patient's small chest size, I leaned towards more modest sized implants to keep the breast shape proportional and natural. Although the left breast was physically smaller, the more prominent ribcage caused more projection of the implant, therefore I used a 250cc implant on the left and a 300cc implant on the right.

After surgery, the patient's breast skin was very tight, but over time the implants settled nicely and dramatically improved her chest appearance and proportion. She was very happy with her results and feels more confident in clothes and bikinis.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 25
Gender: Female