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This patient is a 43 year old female who came to my medical practice because she was unhappy with the small size and asymmetry of her breasts. Specifically, she felt she was disproportionately small for her body size, and her right breast was higher and smaller than her left. This patient was interested in going from an A cup to a small C cup. She was particularly concerned with improving her symmetry and maintaining a natural look.

Given her asymmetry, I recommended that this patient undergo breast augmentation using a larger implant on the right, and providing additional lowering of the right breast fold to balance her two sides. I felt that an implant in the high 200's on the left and the low 300cc range on the right would provide her with a natural-appearing, small C cup.

During surgery, I used sizers to match the breasts as accurately as possible. I ended up using a Mentor smoth, round, moderate profile saline implant filled to 300cc on the right, and one filled to 240cc on the left. As mentioned above, I also lowered the right breast fold to allow the implants to sit in a symmetric position. The implants were placed under the chest muscle, and the incisions were well hidden under the areolas.

This patient recovered nicely, and was very happy with her natural, symmetric, proportionate breast appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 43
Gender: Female