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This 39-year-old woman met with me at my practice to discuss how she could change her small breast size. She had always been very self-conscious about her small breasts, and felt they were disproportionate to the rest of her body.

I felt that this patient would do best with the new Sientra "gummy bear" anatomical silicone implants, placed through an under the breast (inframammory) incision and under the muscles for the most natural appearance. In the operating room, I felt that Sientra moderate profile, classic anatomical 400cc cohesive silicone gel, textured implants gave her the best shape.

At her follow-up appointment, I noted that this woman was healing very well and was extremely pleased with her natural-looking new breast size. She was very happy that her breasts were now more proportionate to the rest of her body and flattered her figure beautifully.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 39
Gender: Female