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This is an 18 year old female who came to my practice with her mother to discuss having a breast augmentation (enhancement). She had never developed breasts, and was extremely self-conscious about her appearance. In addition to breast under-development, she also had an asymmetric (different shaped on each side) ribcage, caused her chest to look even more out of proportion.

Given that this patient was very thin, I recommended a breast augmentation of a modest size to improve her proportions and camouflage the ribcage asymmetry. I also recommended using a periareolar (under the areola) approach to give her the most hidden scar, and a submuscular (under the muscle) placement of the implant to provide the most natural appearance. This patient wished to go from a small A cup to a moderate B cup.

I performed a submuscular, periareolar breast augmentation with Mentor smooth round moderate profile implants. Because of natural size differences in her breasts, I filled the left implant to 250cc and the right implant to 235cc to maximize symmetry. The implants balanced her appearance and camouflaged her breast and ribcage asymmetries very nicely. The patient was extremely pleased with her new appearance, and her mother noted a major improvement in her happiness and self-confidence.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 18
Gender: Female