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Dr. Robert Cohen Plastic Surgery has a mission of achieving the best possible surgical results for every patient’s unique concerns and anatomy. Dr. Cohen’s excellent communication skills allow him to truly understand each patient’s issues before determining what procedures and specific techniques will work best for them. His boutique-style practice provides both the time and comfortable setting in which his patients can express their goals, while simultaneously prioritizing their health and safety.

Dr. Cohen’s results are internationally recognized and match up to the best surgeons in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He is extremely warm and approachable with patients, and can formulate detailed plans based on their concerns and unique anatomy. Dr. Cohen is known for his personalized and hands-on style, and his patients appreciate the fact that he cares deeply about their results and wellbeing.

Dr. Cohen has distinguished himself as one of the top leaders in aesthetic breast and body surgery, as is evidenced by his stellar results, awards, and well over a hundred combined journal publications, book chapters, and worldwide lectures.

 Dr. Cohen is able to offer patients even more options than ever. His skill sets work beautifully to address even the most problematic areas of the body. Dr. Cohen’s areas of expertise include aesthetic breast surgery of all kinds, body sculpting, cosmetic procedures for men, and complex breast revision surgery

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If an individual is unhappy due to some aspect of their appearance, and they are seeking the highest quality results from a skilled surgeon who puts patient safety and care first—particularly with more complicated cases—Dr. Cohen is the surgeon they are looking for. 

In his experienced hands, patients’ lives literally change for the better. They find a confidence that they haven’t had in years—or never had in the first place.

Please contact Dr. Cohen’s Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice to learn more about what he can do for you. An improved quality of life is just a phone call away!

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