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This patient is a female in her 20s who came to my medical practice regarding breast augmentation. The patient was overall pleased with the shape of her breasts, but she wanted to be as full as possible while maintaining her aesthetic shape. She expressed the desire to go from a full B cup to a DD cup if possible.

I felt that this patient would do best with silicone implants placed through the areolas and under the muscles for the most natural appearance. In the operating room, I tried a number of different shapes and sizes and felt that high profile implants gave her the best shape. She also had a mild size asymmetry. I found that the best size match was a 400cc implant on the left and a 450cc implant on the right.

After the surgery, this patient recovered nicely, and she was very pleased with the improvement in her breast shape and size.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 20
Gender: Female