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Dr. Robert Cohen performs arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) at his Beverly Hills office. This procedure is performed on women and men because they want slimmer, firmer upper arms.

Many people come to Dr. Cohen after trying every arm exercise imaginable, to no avail. They are often embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothing styles due to the appearance of their arms, and this can be problematic—especially here in Southern California.

These patients are usually thrilled to learn that our Beverly Hills arm lift surgery can give them the streamlined upper arms associated with youth and fitness, and that they don't have to simply live unhappily with their heavy or sagging upper arms.

If genetics, weight loss, or aging have resulted in excess fat or skin in your upper arms, Dr. Cohen would love to discuss your surgical options. Request a consultation or call (310) 288-0641 to schedule an appointment.

A personalized Beverly Hills Arm Lift surgery

Different people have different issues of the upper arm area. Some patients have healthy, firm skin with good elasticity, but the upper arm area retains excess fat. For these women and men, Dr. Cohen can often perform liposuction to sculpt and slim the upper arms into better proportion with their bodies. 

The skin shrinks and tightens to fit the new shape of the arm, and incisions are minimal and well-concealed. This is often performed at the same time as liposuction on other areas of the body or other plastic surgery procedures.

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Brachioplasty for sagging arm skin

For other patients, the problem is more about excess, sagging skin that creates the notorious, wobbly “bat wings” that hang down when the arms are lifted. This is often the product of significant weight loss, which has left behind overstretched, redundant skin.

Many people also develop this condition as part of the aging process. However, removing residual fat will not correct the problem of excess, lax skin—in fact, it will likely worsen it. For these individuals, the appropriate solution is a brachioplasty procedure.

Surgical details for Arm Lift surgery

Our Beverly Hills arm lift surgery is usually performed using general anesthesia, administered by a board certified MD anesthesiologist.

During brachioplasty, Dr. Cohen surgically removes excess skin and fat, tailoring the remaining skin to fit the underlying arm musculature. This involves an incision along the inside of the arm which may run from the armpit to the elbow. In very mild cases, a mini-brachioplasty may be an option where the only incision is a well hidden scar in the armpit.

What to expect with Arm Lift surgery

The scar usually heals as a fairly fine line, but in some patients, it can widen somewhat over time, and this scar must be taken into consideration when deciding to have an arm lift surgery. Note that there are many products and lasers that can be used to improve the scar appearance.

Our Beverly Hills brachioplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you will be discharged into the care of a friend or family member the day of your surgery. 

You will need to wear a stretchy support garment for several weeks to help with optimal healing. Dr. Cohen will give you specific instructions for post-op care prior to your surgery, and he and his staff are always available to answer questions along the way.

Beverly Hills Brachioplasty

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