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This 20-year-old woman desired an increase in breast volume when she met with me at my cosmetic surgery offices. Ideally, she wished to go from the A-cup range to the C-cup range while maintaining as natural an appearance as possible.

I felt that this patient would do best with the new Sientra "gummy bear" silicone implants placed through an inframammary (breast crease) incision and under the muscles for the most natural appearance. Due to a mild asymmetry, I felt the patient would need two different profiles for the best size match. I ended up using a Sientra 285cc textured, round, moderate profile silicone gel implant on the left and a Sientra 300cc textured, round, high profile silicone gel implant on the right.

After surgery, this woman recovered very well and is now extremely happy with the natural appearance of her breasts. Her scars are fading nicely and she is very happy with the difference her new shape creates for her entire appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 20
Gender: Female