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This is a 25 year old plastic surgery patient who came to my medical office with complaints of severe breast asymmetry and drooping. The Patient had naturally developed a relatively large breast on the right and a somewhat small breast on the left, each of which had a very different shape. The patient was understandably very self-conscious about her breast appearance.

On evaluation of this patient, I knew this would be a very challenging case. Each breast, by itself, would normally be challenging with regards to creating a nice shape. However, I not only had to make each breast look good individually, but they also needed to match as closely as possible.

For the patient's left breast, I felt that a breast augmentation using a silicone implant under the muscle would be needed for fullness and shape. Also, due to the high, tight fold under the breast (tuberous breast), I knew that I would have to internally release the tight tissue, and futher reshape the breast using a circumareolar mastopexy (around the areola breast lift).

On the patient's right breast, the main issue was a drooping appearance. However, to match the look of the breast to the left side, I felt that a smaller implant would be beneficial. I also recommended removing some of the excess breast tissue, and tightening/lifting the breast using an anchor scar breast lift. In general, I do not like to use different incision patterns on each breast, but with this patient, it was the only good option.

In the OR, I performed a breast augmentation on both sides using Mentor smooth, round, moderate plus profile cohesive silicone gel implants. On the left I used a 375cc implant and on the right I used a 225cc implant. I also removed an additional 40cc of breast tissue from the right to even out the breast sizes. Finally, I performed a circumareolar tightening on the left and an anchor scar lift on the right.

The patient did very well after surgery her cosmetic surgery, and was extremely happy with the improved symmetry and shape of her breasts. These photos were taken approximately 6 weeks after surgery, and I anticipate that the breast appearance will continue to improve and even out over time.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 25
Gender: Female