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This 27-year-old athlete was interested in a breast augmentation procedure. Because of her fitness level, her breasts had always been a modest size, and it was important to her that her procedure would create natural-looking results that would not be "too large." I recommended that she choose silicone implants placed through the areolas and positioned under the chest muscles. This technique often yields particularly pleasing results for women who desire only a moderate increase in breast size, or who do not have much breast tissue to begin with.

During her breast enhancement plastic surgery, I sampled multiple shapes and sizes of implants before selecting Mentor smooth, round moderate-plus profile cohesive gel implants, which I felt would provide the best overall shape for this woman's body. Because her breasts were slightly asymmetric before her procedure, I inserted a 325cc implant on the left and a 350cc implant on the right to restore balance.

After her procedure, the patient recovered quickly and was very happy to see the way her new curves settled during the healing process. Her postoperative photos show how the symmetry of her new breasts and the natural looking slope from her chest to her upper breasts complement her body beautifully. She is very pleased with her decision to undergo breast augmentation and with the quality of care she received at my plastic surgery center.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 27
Gender: Female