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This 25-year-old woman desired an increase in breast volume when she met with me at my cosmetic surgery offices. Ideally, she wished to go from the A-cup range to the C-cup range while maintaining as natural an appearance as possible.

This woman chose cohesive silicone gel implants for breast augmentation. These implants are very popular because they have a very natural feel and are much less likely to "ripple" the way saline implants sometimes can.

During her surgery, I tested a few different sizes and felt that Mentor 350cc smooth, round, moderate-plus profile silicone gel implants would create a very pleasing shape that would meet this woman's goals and balance very well with body. Through an incision along the underside of the areola I created a pocket behind the chest muscle to hold the implant. While I can also place the implant in front of the chest muscle, for the majority of patients a partially submuscular approach tends to yield results that look smoother and more natural.

After surgery, this woman recovered very well and is now extremely happy with the natural appearance of her breasts. In her postoperative photo taken some months after her procedure, it is evident that her breast augmentation gave her a fuller shape while creating a very smooth slope from her chest to her upper breasts, and even helped restore symmetry to her figure. Her scars are fading quickly and very smoothly, and she is very happy with the difference her new shape creates for her entire appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 25
Gender: Female