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Introduction to Breast Augmentation 

For a woman, one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures for improving body confidence is breast augmentation. At Dr. Robert Cohen’s Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice, this is a favorite procedure. Dr. Cohen loves helping women achieve the breast size, shape, and symmetry that they've always wanted.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that will change the appearance of the breasts. It’s about much more than simply choosing the size of breast implants. Dr. Cohen sees women of different ages, body types, and lifestyles—each with different goals for their results. Each breast augmentation procedure is unique, and many factors are considered, including height, weight, the width of the chest, the curvature of the ribcage, the elasticity of the skin, and how much existing breast tissue there is.

Am I a Good Candidate?

What a woman hopes to achieve from her breast augmentation is extremely important to Dr. Cohen, and he will help patients achieve an appearance as close to their ideal as possible. A good candidate for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills should be physically healthy; should have fully-developed breasts; should not be pregnant or breastfeeding, and should have realistic expectations of what the surgery can accomplish.

Dr. Cohen showing patient implants for Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

What Can Breast Augmentation Address?

Small Breasts

Silicone or saline implants will enhance the size of the breasts for more balance with breast augmentation.

Uneven or Oddly-Shaped Breasts

Unevenly-sized or misshapen breasts can be corrected to appear natural and symmetrical with customized breast augmentation surgery.

Problems from Previous Surgery

If a patient has had a previous breast surgery with unsatisfactory outcome, Dr. Cohen can correct the problems.

Lack of Volume in Upper Breasts

Breast augmentation will improve the appearance of breasts that look deflated, giving them new fullness and volume.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

It's difficult to provide an accurate cost for a highly-personalized surgery such as breast augmentation. There are several factors to consider, including the cost of the implant, the complexity of the procedure, and operating room fees. At the end of the consultation, you'll be provided with a written quote that states the total cost of your procedure. We also offer flexible financing options to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals on terms that work for them.

Close up on woman's breasts in black lingerie.

Dr. Cohen’s Implant Options

At Dr. Cohen's Beverly Hills practice, patients will have several options for implants. During your consultation, he will use breast implant sizers to give you an idea of how the implants will look after your surgery. Dr. Cohen almost always places implants partially under the muscle because he believes the advantages are worth it.

Close up on Dr. Cohen doing a measurment above woman's breast.

Saline or Silicone?

Saline Implants

Saline implants are made of a silicone rubber "shell" that are filled with saline solution after they are inserted during the procedure. If a saline breast implant happens to rupture after the surgery, the breast will deflate and be immediately noticeable—however, it is completely safe for the saline to be absorbed into the body. Saline breast implants come in a round shape, as well as a range of sizes.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants provide the most natural results. Their soft look emulates real breast tissue and tends to blend with body better. These implants come in either round or teardrop shape, and if an implant ruptures after surgery, it holds its shape. The breast will not deflate. Dr. Cohen Plastic Surgery, the type of implant you want will be entirely up to you; however, we do recommend silicone implants generally.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear silicone breast implants get their name from their consistency, which feels like gummy bear candies. This consistency helps them to cling better to the muscle, retain their shape in the event of a tear or rupture, and also feel naturally soft. They have both a silicone shell and a silicone gel filling, and they come in round or teardrop shapes. These implants are only sold to board-certified plastic surgeons.

Things to Consider


Some women come to Dr. Cohen with the desire for a more modest breast size increase just to fill out bras and fit better in clothing. Others want to have a more dramatic change, either to balance proportions or to achieve the look that they feel is most attractive.


Patients can choose their breast Implants from a range of shapes. There are different widths, volumes, and projections. Implants can either be round-shaped or teardrop-shaped. Teardrop shaped implants have been designed to more accurately take on the shape of natural breasts.


The placement of the incisions from breast augmentation surgery will depend on the size and type of implant. There are two areas where Dr. Cohen can make his incision. The safest and preferred route is in the crease under the breast, although an areola scar is also an option in specific cases.

Implant Location

Patients can choose to have their implants placed over or partially under the chest muscle. Dr. Cohen typically places implants partially under the muscle, because with more soft tissue over the implant, there’s less of a visible edge to the implant and less chance of visible rippling. The muscle drapes over the top part of the implant, creating a more naturally sloped and attractive appearance.

Dr. Cohen showing patient implants

Incision Location

Dr. Cohen will go over all of your options when discussing the incision site with you. Your body type combined with the size, shape, and type of implants you choose will determine where the incisions will be made. No matter where the incisions are made, the scars will fade with time, and your new breasts will be well worth the barely-visible incision marks.

Which Type of Incision Will Be Best for Me?

Inframammary Incision

The incision ends up being barely visible after the patient's recovery, because it is made in the crease of the breast which is often hidden by the breast hanging over it. An inframammary incision is great for either saline or silicon breast implants, and allows for the most accurate placement. This incision can also be re-used, which means less scarring in the future.

Periareolar Incision

Dr. Cohen sometimes uses the periareolar incision, which runs along the lower or upper border of the areola. This leaves a very fine scar that is difficult to see and is easily hidden in a bra or bathing suit. It also provides quite a lot of accuracy when positioning the implants, however a periareolar incision has a higher probability of nipple sensation loss or issues with breastfeeding.

What is the Average Breast Surgery Recovery Time?

As with any surgery, your body will require time to heal after breast augmentation. Patients usually feel ready to return to work and other activities within 1-2 weeks, during which time their new breasts will continue to recover and take to the body.


Immediately after your Beverly Hills breast augmentation, you'll be fitted with a special surgical bra to support your breasts and reduce swelling during the healing process.


During the first 24 hours after surgery, you’ll need a friend or family member to stay with you, including driving you home. You'll be quite "out of it", as the anesthesia will begin to wear off. You'll likely be able to shower 48 hours after surgery.


You should take several easy, short walks around your home. Mobility is important to prevent blood clots and other complications—but you shouldn't strain yourself, either. In the days that follow, make it a goal to get up at least five times each day.


The soft compression band can be removed. At this point, most patients return to work, although you may need some additional time at home if your job is physically demanding.


Any bruising and swelling should just about be gone. If you're still experiencing pain, over-the-counter medications can be taken to help. Patients will have a good idea of their outcome by this point.


By this time, the muscles of your upper body have had time to heal undisturbed. Most patients can now ease back into their regular exercise routines trying to avoid chest exercises like bench press and pushups.


Your results are in! At this point, your new breasts will take on their final appearance, with swelling down, tissues healed, and scars quickly fading.


At this final healing phase, your new breasts will be fully settled and adapted, and will look natural and beautiful.

What are the Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Although surgical techniques become safer and safer with each passing day and breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery, there are still some risks, which can include excessive bleeding, infections, or capsular contracture. Dr Cohen will discuss risks for surgery in detail prior to your procedure.

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How to Choose the Right Breast Surgeon in Beverly Hills

The plastic surgeon you select to perform your breast augmentation in Beverly Hills should be board certified, with excellent professional credentials and plenty of experience. You should be able to easily find a wide variety of before-and-after photos that are impressive, as well as lots of positive and honest online reviews. If they have awards and publications, that's even better. Your surgeon should make you feel like you're in good hands by being warm, attentive, caring, and understanding.


Before choosing your plastic surgeon, make 100% sure that he or she attended an accredited medical school. Do thorough research to find out their level of surgical skill, training, and reputation.


Breast augmentation surgery requires a great amount of skill and artistry. Be sure to find a doctor who has many years of experience and who is extremely comfortable with breast procedures.


If a plastic surgeon does not have a good amount of galleries of before-and-after photos, that's a red flag. If they've done good work, it will be on their website.


The plastic surgeon you choose for your breast augmentation needs to be a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. If he or she isn't, move on.

Why Choose Dr. Cohen?

Dr. Cohen specializes in breast surgery of all kinds. Over the years, he has performed thousands of breast procedures and is constantly improving his techniques and skills. He has devoted much of his time to advanced research in breast surgery and is frequently asked to teach instructional courses about breast surgery techniques at many national plastic surgery meetings. Above all this, breast surgery gives him great satisfaction because he is able to provide patients with the outcome that they desire, be it breast augmentation, breast lift, or possibly breast reduction.

Dr. Cohen in dark t-shirt smiling.

What to Expect


You will be asked to avoid alcohol, aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory medications. You also should not smoke before your procedure. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.


Dr. Cohen performs breast augmentation in Beverly Hills using a board-certified M.D. anesthesiologist, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort during your surgery.


Dr. Cohen will carefully and skillfully make incisions and create a surgical pocket where the implants can be inserted. He combines science and art to shape aesthetically pleasing breasts.


After your incisions are sutured, you will awaken from surgery, be checked out by Dr. Cohen, and then you can be driven home by a friend or family member.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

How do breast implants affect breastfeeding?

With certain surgical techniques, the likelihood of breastfeeding after breast surgery is high. The method Dr. Cohen most commonly uses the inframammary incision, which runs along the fold beneath the breast. Not only does this leave a discreet scar; it also doesn't involve the structures of the nipple at all. This preserves the functionality of the breasts, making breastfeeding more possible than it would be with other incisions.

Can breast augmentation improve the look of sagging breasts?

Although minor sagging can be reduced with breast augmentation, the placement of breast implants alone will not correct moderate to severe sagginess. This is because the additional weight of the implant can further weigh down the breast, actually exacerbating sagginess. For patients who would like to improve both the size and position of their breasts, Dr. Cohen recommends combining a breast augmentation with breast lift. During this procedure, excess skin is removed, and the supportive structures of the breasts are tightened in addition to adding implants. This creates a larger, yet lifted, result that can be significantly transformative.

Can I combine my breast augmentation with another procedure?

You can. Many women choose to treat multiple areas of their body in a single surgery, a procedure often called a mommy makeover. During this surgery, Dr. Cohen improves both the breasts and midsection of the patient (the areas most commonly affected by pregnancy). Although most women opt for both a breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery as part of their mommy makeovers, each patient can choose procedures that suit her precise needs.

Other Options

Breast Reduction Surgery

For women whose breasts are excessively large and heavy, breast reduction surgery is a great option. Dr. Cohen can help improve both the appearance of oversized breasts, as well as the physical problems that come with having them. 

Areolar Reduction

Some women are distressed by the appearance of their oversized or asymmetrical areolas. Dr. Cohen's areolar reduction surgery can help bring balance to this area, without detaching the nipples from their nervous systems. 

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This natural breast augmentation technique uses the body's own fat to increase volume to the breasts where it is needed. Unwanted fat will be harvested via liposuction, then transferred to the areas that require more fullness.

Tuberous Breast Surgery

For breasts that have a "cylindrical" shape, large puffy areolas, cleavage spacing that is too wide, or high creases under the breasts, Dr. Cohen's tuberous breast correction surgery can be a life-changing option. 

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