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This patient is a 38 year old female who presented to my office with complaints regarding breast droopiness and asymmetry. The patient had noted significant changes in her breasts after having children, and she wished to have larger, perkier, more symmetric breasts.

For this patient I recommended a silicone gel breast augmentation (placed under the muscle)with an anchor scar mastopexy (breast lift) to give her the best and most natural result.

In the operating room, I tried multiple temporary breast implants (sizers) and found that a 375cc implant on the right and a 300cc implant on the left provided the closest overall size match. After the final implants were placed (Mentor smooth, round, moderate plus profile cohesive silicone gel), I performed an anchor scar breast lift. This lift allowed me to shrink the size of the areolas (which were NOT detached from the breasts during surgery) and also enabled me to create a rounder, perkier appearing breast.

The patient did very well after surgery and she and her husband were thrilled with her incredible improvement.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 38
Gender: Female