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This 31-year-old woman wanted to improve her breast shape and increase their size. Her complaints included asymmetry in size, "pointy" shape, and size that was disproportionate to her body. 

I determined the patient had a mild form of tuberous breasts, so I recommended breast augmentation. She also had very high and tight lower breast folds instead of a natural curve. 

I performed tuberous breast surgery that included breast augmentation and a breast lift. I placed Mentor smooth, round, high profile, cohesive silicone gel breast implants, using a 400cc implant on the left and a 450cc implant on the right to improve overall symmetry. I also released some of the tightness in her lower breast tissues and improved the roundness of her breasts by tightening skin and tissue around the areolas.

My Santa Monica tuberous breast surgery patients enjoy having breasts that look much rounder and more feminine. They often experience a boost in their confidence as well.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 31
Gender: Female