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This patient is a 56 year old mother of three who came to my practice with concerns regarding her breasts and upper arms. Specifically, the patient had undergone a prior breast augmentation and breast lift (by another surgeon), and she wished to have her implants removed and her breasts re-lifted. With regards to her arms, she disliked the heaviness and droopiness of her upper arms, and wanted this corrected.

To fix this patient's breasts, I removed her old implants and performed a mastopexy (breast lift) with a small reduction of approximately 150 grams on each side. This allowed me to make the patient's breasts more youthful and "perky".

The brachioplasty (arm lift) was performed during the same surgery. Due to the heaviness of her arms, I performed power-assisted liposuction and removed 500 grams of fat from each arm. After this, I removed the excess skin on the inner arm (to hide the scar), thereby reshaping the arms. About 3-4 inches of excess skin width was removed.

After surgery, the patient was extremely happy and felt she could once again wear short-sleeved shirts and other clothing she had been embarrassed to wear because of her heavy arms and chest.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 56
Gender: Female

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Dr. Cohen and his staff strongly believes that your health and safety are of the utmost importance. Additionally, Dr. Cohen feels it is his duty to do everything possible to help reduce the strain on the medical system while the coronavirus issue is present.

To that end, we are temporarily closing our office and postponing surgeries as well as in-person visits until further notice. The coronavirus escalation occurred just as Dr. Cohen was transitioning to the office of Dr. Ben Talei, the world renowned facial plastic surgeon, so once in-person examinations begin again, this is where consultations will take place (www.beverlyhillscenter.com).

In the meantime, the office will remain available for any email, telephone, or video inquiries. Additionally, due to cancelling all surgery and in-person appointments, Dr. Cohen has increased availability for virtual consultations. Feel free to schedule a virtual consultation today to explore your future aesthetic surgery options and receive expert recommendations from Dr. Cohen. Please note that 100% of all consultation fees will be donated to the Disaster Philanthropy in order to help those less fortunate during these difficult times (www.DisasterPhilanthropy.org). Stay safe and healthy and Dr. Cohen looks forward to seeing you virtually, and hopefully soon in person!