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This patient is an 18 year old female who came with her parents to my practice regarding breast lift surgery.

Specifically, this patient had lost 50 pounds through diet and exercise, and after the weight loss, she noticed that her breasts had become significantly droopier. After all of her hard work getting into better shape, she was frustrated and self-conscious about the appearance of her breasts, which did not fit her otherwise youthful appearance.

This patient was overall happy with her breast size, and simply wanted perkier, age-appropriate breasts. I felt that a breast lift using a vertical (lollipop scar) technique would significantly improve her breast shape while avoiding a scar under the breasts. This patient was a smoker, and I informed her that due to increased risks of infection and wound healing problems, I would not perform the operation unless she quit smoking (which she did, much to her parents' happiness).

Surgery went very well, and she recovered very quickly with minimal pain or bruising. This patient stated that she has a significantly improved body image, and she is thrilled with her results.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 18
Gender: Female