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This patient is a 21 year old female who presented to my office with interest in breast enhancement. The patient wanted to have fuller, perkier breasts and was very concerned with maintaining a natural look.

I recommended a combination of breast implants placed under the muscle with a circumareolar mastopexy (around the areola tightening) in order to achieve the most aesthetic, natural appearing breasts. I felt that due to a significant areola position asymmetry, the circumareolar mastopexy would allow me to reposition and center the areolas (without detaching them).

In the operating room, I tried multiple sizers before determining that Mentor smooth round 300cc moderate-plus profile cohesive silicone-gel implants looked best for her frame. These were placed through the areola to minimize scarring. I also tightened the breast tissue and raised / evened out the position of the areolas by performing a circumareolar mastopexy.

After the surgery, this patient recovered nicely, and she was very pleased with the improvement in her breast shape, symmetry and size.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 21
Gender: Female