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This patient is a 41 year old female who presented to my practice with interest in revision breast surgery. This patient had a previous breast augmentation 15 years ago by another surgeon where textured saline anatomical implants had been placed over her chest muscles. The patient was unhappy with her firm, unnatural breast appearance and wished to have revision surgery.

For this patient, I recommended multiple maneuvers to improve her breast appearance. First, I recommended changing her implants from saline to silicone cohesive gel for a softer, more natural look and feel. Secondly, I recommended switching from over to under the chest muscles for a more blended look to the upper chest and more tissue coverage. Next, I recommended using Strattice (an acellular dermal matrix) to act as an internal bra and bridge the gap from her chest muscle to the crease under her breast. (Please see the link on my website for more information on Strattice). The Strattice helps to provide soft tissue coverage and maintain the newly lifted chest muscle in good position. Finally, I recommended a vertical (lollipop scar) breast lift to reshape the breasts and improve the nipple positions.

During surgery I placed Mentor 425cc high profile cohesive silicone gel implants and performed all of the above-mentioned maneuvers including the placement of Strattice. The patient recovered very well after surgery and was extremely happy with her much softer, more natural and aesthetically pleasing breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 41
Gender: Female