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This is a 26 year old female who came to my medical practice with concerns about her breasts and body. The patient reported that her breasts were too large and caused problems such as back and shoulder pain, rashes, and difficulty finding clothes that fit. She was also unhappy with the excess fat of her abdomen, back and flank (love-handle) areas.

I felt that this patient would be an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery. This would both lift, and reduce the weight of her breasts, which in turn would make her breasts more attractive and more comfortable for her.

With regards to her body, I felt that liposuction would be a reasonable start, given that she had good quality, elastic skin. I explained that she would need to start a diet and exercise program after she healed to maintain her results (she was unable to exercise effectively before surgery due to her breast discomfort).

During surgery I performed a breast lift / reduction on both sides. This included reshaping the breast tissue, and internally releasing the upper breast tightness to allow for a more rounded breast. The incision pattern I used was the Wise pattern (anchor scar) in order to achieve maximum tightening and lift for this particular patient.

For the liposuction, I used Power-assisted liposuction, and removed 3300cc (total) of aspirate from the abdomen, back and flanks. I also removed 170cc from each bra fat area to help further shape the breasts.

This patient did well after surgery, and noted an immediate resolution of her breast discomfort symptoms. Once she healed fully, she began to follow a serious diet and exercise program. Between the surgery and the diet and exercise, this patient has lost over 30 pounds. She continues to lose weight and is extremely happy with her new body image.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 26
Gender: Female