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This is a 40 year old female fitness trainer who came to my practice to discuss having a breast augmentation (enhancement). This patient was different than the average breast augmentation patient because she had very well developed chest muscles. In her case, she had low body fat and only a small amount of breast tissue, so her upper body appeared unbalanced with her lower body. In addition to this, the patient had drooping of her natural breast tissue off of the lower part of her pectoralis (chest) muscles, causing an unflattering appearance to her breasts.

Given the combination of underdeveloped and drooping breasts, I recommended a breast augmentation of a modest size to improve her proportions and a breast lift to raise her nipple and areola up to a higher position. Because she did not need a major lift, I offered a "crescent mastopexy" which is a lift performed by removing a crescent shaped area of skin above the areola.

In this way, I would be able to place the implant in through this incision and lift the breasts, leaving a scar well hidden along the upper edge of the areola. I also recommended using a submuscular (under the muscle) placement of the implant to provide the most natural appearance. This patient's main goals were to maintain a natural and proportionate appearance, and be able to perform her training without having much interference from her implants.

I performed a submuscular, periareolar breast augmentation with Mentor smooth round moderate profile silicone gel implants. She was a candidate for silicone because of the simultaneous lift with the augmentation. The implants were approximately 275cc, and the areolas were raised by 1.5cm on each side. She was extremely happy with her results, and the postoperative picture seen here was taken less than two weeks after surgery. The incision appearance, which already blends in nicely, continues to improve significantly over time.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 40
Gender: Female