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This is a 48 year old female who came to my practice with interest in liposuction and in exchanging and upsizing her breast implants (which had been placed by another surgeon). Her implants were disproportionately small and firm, and the patient was unhappy with an indentation on the middle side of her right breast.

This patient was also unhappy with the appearance of her outer thighs. Although she was thin overall, she had asymmetric (different sized) fat collections of the outer thighs which were resistant to diet and exercise.

For this patient, I recommended exchanging her implants with larger, more proportionate implants, and adjusting the pockets for a softer and more natural look. 400cc Mentor silicone smooth, round implants were placed.

With regards to her outer thighs, the skin was already thin and somewhat rippled, so I advised the patient that I would have to be fairly conservative in my fat removal in order to avoid further rippling of the skin. My goal was to reduce her asymmetry and smooth her contours. I ended up removing approximately 275cc were removed from the right side and 425cc from the left side with power-assisted liposuction.

Both procedures (performed at the same time) were a success, and resulted in a natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 48
Gender: Female