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This patient is a 42 year old female who presented to my medical practice with interest in a scar revision from an abdominal exploration she had as a child. She wished to have a smoother, flatter abdomen with a more contoured waistline.

On examination the patient was noted to have a large transverse scar on her right lower abdomen. Luckily, the scar was low enough that I felt I could remove it by performing a tummy tuck. I also recommended liposuction of the flanks to help with the overall contouring of the abdomen.

In surgery, I performed a full abdominoplasty which allowed me to completley remove the patients old scar and tighten the abdominal wall. I also performed liposuction of the love handles through the tummy tuck incision.

After surgery the patient recovered very well. She was extremely happy with her appearance and had a significant boost in her self-confidence.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 42
Gender: Female