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This 46 year old female patient had previously undergone abdominoplasty surgery as well as liposuction by another surgeon. She presented to me with concerns of droopy breasts which were smaller than she wanted, as well as a step-off of the lower abdominal incision, dog-ears of the right lateral abdomen and excess fat of the flanks, inner and outer thighs. I felt that an inverted T-scar mastopexy (breast lift) with fat grafting to the upper poles, revision abdominoplasty with improvement of the umbilical size, power-assisted liposuction of flanks, medial and lateral thighs and dog-ear revision of the right abdomen would give her the best results.


During surgery I performed the above-mentioned procedures.  Approximately 160 cc of fat was injected in the right breast and 140 cc in the left breast due to a preoperative asymmetry.  The patient recovered well after surgery and was very happy with her improved and refined appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 46
Gender: Female