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This patient is a 32 year old female who presented to my practice with interest in corrective breast surgery. She had undergone previous breast augmentation by another surgeon, and was unhappy with the unnatural appearance of her breasts.

On examination, I noted that the patient had saline implants placed under the chest muscles. Her breast tissue had drooped over the implants creating what is called a "Snoopy" deformity (so called because the breast resembles Snoopy's nose from the side). Additionally, her implants had shifted significantly laterally (outward) on both sides.

I felt that a breast revision would significantly help this patient. I recommended switching her implants from saline to silicone for a more natural result. I also recommended internal pocket tightening and an external skin tightening/lift in order to give her the best overall shape.

In the operating room, I removed old saline implants that were filled to 460cc and replaced them with Mentor 500cc smooth, round, high profile cohesive silicone gel implants. I also performed extensive internal pocket tightening to shift the implant from the sides to the front of the patient's chest. Finally, I lifted and tightened the breast skin using a Wise pattern (anchor scar) breast lift.

The patients' breasts had a much more aesthetic and natural appearance after surgery. The patient recovered well and was extremely happy with the new shape of her breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 32
Gender: Female