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This patient is a female in her 50's who presented to my practice with complaints of unnatural appearing breasts. The patient had undergone multiple prior breast surgeries by other surgeons. Originally she had silicone implants under the chest muscles, and she had more recently been switched to overfilled saline implants placed over the chest muscles.

This patient clearly had extremely unnatural and uncomfortable breasts, and I felt that I would be able to make a major improvement in her appearance. Due to the fact that she had been both over and under the muscle, I warned her that revision surgery would be very challenging and time consuming due to the amount of scar tissue from prior surgeries. This patient was also very thin which makes it even harder to blend in the implant edges.

In surgery, I removed the patient's oversized saline implants and exchanged them for 300cc moderate plus profile silicone cohesive gel implants. This immediately made the breasts softer and improved the shape. I also reopened a space underneath the chest muscles to provide a smoother contour to the upper chest and cleavage area. After this, I closed the old pockets over the chest muscles and internally stitched the breasts to move the implants back to the center of the patient's chest. Finally, I performed a 3 dimensional external skin tightening using an anchor scar pattern.

After the surgery, the patient had a huge improvement, and was extremely happy with her results. These postoperative photos were taken at 2 weeks after surgery, and even at this early period the patient already shows a significant improvement in the shape, size, and natural appearance of her breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 50
Gender: Female