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This patient is a female in her late 50's who presented to my practice with complaints of back, neck and shoulder pain due to large breasts. She had undergone breast augmentation surgery many years earlier, and her breasts had grown significantly since that time. The patient wished to have her old implants removed and also wanted reshaping of her breasts.

For this patient, I recommended removal of her old implants, with further removal of her excess breast tissue and a vertical (lollipop scar) breast tightening and lift. I felt that this surgery would improve the appearance and proportion of her breasts, while alleviating her back and neck pain.

During surgery, I removed this patient's old implants, which were 250 gram silicone implants, and I further removed 50 grams of tissue from the right and 80 grams of tissue from the left breast. After this I performed a lollipop scar breast lift, avoiding a scar under the breasts.

The patient did extremely well after surgery, and noted immediate improvement in her physical symptoms of back and neck pain. She was extremely happy with the more proportionate and perkier appearance of her breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 58
Gender: Female