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This is a 31 year old female who in 2005 underwent breast augmentation by another surgeon. Due to issues with the left breast, that same surgeon performed a second operation on the patients left breast in 2005 as well.

When this patient came to my office seeking correction of her breast deformity, she was very self-conscious of her appearance, and wanted to regain a natural, proportionate appearance that had been lost after her prior surgeries. Due to multiple factors including the large size of her prior implants (well over 400cc's), and prior dissection, this patient had severe displacement of her implants in the downward direction (especially the left side), and she also showed visible wrinkling of the implant through her relatively thin skin.

I explained to this patient that corrective surgery would be technically very challenging, but I felt strongly that I could make a major improvement in her appearance. First of all, I believed she needed to switch to smaller implants to minimize stretching of the skin and reduce the chance of the implants shifting downward. Secondly, I recommended switching from a saline implant to a cohesive silicone gel implant to reduce wrinkling and to provide the most natural look. Thirdly, I needed to reconfigure the breast pockets, allowing the implants to move to a higher position. In this process, I also needed to retailor the lower fold of the breast pockets by reinforcing the tissues with multiple layers of suture lines.

I brought this patient to the operating room and performed a complex corrective repair of her breasts using Mentor smooth, round, moderate-plus profile implants. After removing her original implants, I noticed that she had a significant size discrepancy in her natural breast tissue, and I ended up using a 350cc implant on the left and a 300cc implant on the right to achieve maximum symmetry.

This patient recovered with minimal pain or swelling, and we were both thrilled with the unbelievable improvement in the appearance of her breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen