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This patient is a 51 year old female who presented to my practice due to problems with her large breasts. This patient reported significant neck, back, and shoulder pain, bra-strap grooving, and difficulty with exercise or finding clothes that fit properly. This patient was also unhappy with the significant asymmetry of her breasts.

I felt that this patient would be an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery, and due to her large size, I recommended a carbon-dioxide laser-assisted breast reduction to minimize bleeding during surgery.

I explained to the patient that she would NOT have to have her areolas removed, and that I would be able to perform the surgery leaving the nipples and areolas attached to the underlying tissue (a medio-superiorly based pedicle). I did explain that due to her size, I would need to perform an anchor scar reduction as opposed to a lollipop scar reduction.

Surgery went very well, and I removed approximately 570 grams of tissue from the right side and 390 grams from the left side. The patient noticed a huge improvement in her symptoms and appearance immediately after surgery. She is seen in the photos approximately 6 weeks after surgery, and is very excited and motivated to start a new diet and exercise plan now that her breasts are no longer an inhibiting factor.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 51
Gender: Female