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This patient is a 37 year old female who came to my office with interest in a breast reduction.  She wished to have fuller upper poles so we also planned on liposuction of the bra fat, flanks and outer thighs with fat transfer to the upper breasts.

In surgery I performed an anchor scar breast redution to reduce the lower breast tissue excess and to create perky, youthful breasts.  157 grams were removed from the right lower breast and 233 grams from the left lower breast due to an asymmetry. I also performed power assisted liposuction of the bra fat, flanks and lateral thighs and fat grafted 80cc of fat to each upper pole to create fullness without the sensation of excess weight.  After surgery the patient recovered nicely and was extremely happy with her results.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 37
Gender: Female