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This is a 51 year old female who presented to my medical office with complaints of excessively large and asymmetric breasts. She had many physical symptoms from her breasts including shoulder, neck and back pain, shoulder grooving from her bra straps, and occasional rashes under the breasts. Additionally, it was difficult for this patient to find clothes that fit due to both the size of her breasts, and the significant difference in volume between the left and right breasts.

For this patient, I recommended a breast reduction to accomplish a few things. First of all, a reduction would reduce the weight of her breasts, thus alleviating her physical symptoms. Secondly, a reduction would lift her breasts into a better position on the chest, making them "perkier". Finally, I would be able to correct her asymmetry by removing more tissue from the larger left breast. This patient specifically asked that I perform only a modest reduction so that she would still be proportionate in size (compared to her lower body).

I suggested a "vertical" breast reduction (also known as a "lollipop scar" or LeJour reduction) to minimize scarring by avoiding a scar under the breast. I use many different techniques for breast reduction, and each technique is fitted specifically to each patient in order to get the best results.

The patient did extremely well after surgery and had an instantaneous improvement in her symptoms. I was able to achieve excellent symmetry, and the patient now feels much more comfortable, both physically and with regards to her appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 51
Gender: Female