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This patient is a female in her 50s who visited my practice with interest in breast reduction surgery. This patient had multiple symptoms of oversized breasts including neck pain, back pain, bra strap grooving, shoulder discomfort, and difficulty with physical activity. She was also unhappy with the extreme width of her breasts.

For this patient I recommended a combination of an extended breast reduction with liposuction of the lateral chest. I felt this would relieve the majority of her symptoms as well as narrow her chest and give her the best overall appearance.

In surgery I performed a Wise pattern (anchor scar) breast reduction which extended to the lateral chest to remove the excess skin and bulk in these areas. The nipples/areolas were left attached to the underlying breast tissue. I removed approximately 775 grams from the right and 850 grams from the left due to a preoperative asymmetry. I also performed approximately 200cc of liposuction on the outer (lateral) chest to futher contour and narrow her appearance.

After surgery the patient healed well and was extremely happy with the improvement of her physical symptoms and her appearance. She is very pleased with how she fits into her clothes and also feels that she can exercise more efficiently.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 50
Gender: Female