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This 24-year-old woman from the Phoenix, Arizona area came to me because she was concerned about her breasts' shape and size. In her consultation she explained that she was very unhappy with the asymmetry of her areolas, and felt that the size of her breasts appeared disproportionate to her body. She wished to undergo cosmetic surgery near Phoenix to go from the B-cup bra size range to the C-cup range and create a rounder, more aesthetically pleasing breast shape.

I felt this patient would be a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. We decided that silicone implants together with a circumareolar mastopexy to tighten the skin and tissues around her areolas would improve the roundness and proportions of the breasts.

During surgery, I inserted Mentor smooth, round, moderate plus profile cohesive silicone gel implants. I found that 400cc implants gave the patient a very pleasing shape that met her goals and balanced very well with her body. I was also able to improve the roundness of her breasts by tightening the skin and tissue around the areolas.  I performed a larger tightening on the left than the right in order to shift the nipple into a higher position to correct the asymmetry.

Following her surgery, the patient did very well and was very happy with her perky, natural appearing breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen