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This is a 41 year old personal fitness trainer from the Yuma, Arizona area who came to my cosmetic surgery practice in Scottsdale with concerns about asymmetry and "deflated-appearing breasts".  Specifically, this patient's left breast was significantly more ptotic (droopy) than the right breast, and both breasts were out of proportion for this patient's athletic frame.

To improve her appearance, I recommended Mentor smooth, round, moderate profile-plus silicone gel implants.  I felt that she would need a larger implant on the right to compensate for a natural size difference. 

Additionally, to correct for the excess droopiness of the left breast, I felt that a tightening proceedure would be helpful to achieve maximum symmetry.  To minimize scar, I suggested a circumareolar tightening, where a donut of skin around the areola is removed, allowing the breast to be tightened and lifted in a "purse-string" fashion.  On both sides, I recommended implant placement under the chest muscle for the most natural look.

I placed a Mentor smooth, round, moderate profile plus implant on both sides.  The right side was a 375cc implant while the left side was a 350cc implant.  As mentioned above, I also performed a circumareolar tightening on the left.  The patient healed very well after her Phoenix breast augmentation and she was extremely happy with the improvement in her shape, size and symmetry.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

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