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This 38-year-old woman felt that her breasts had decreased in size after her pregnancies, and was unhappy with her unsightly C-section scar as well as her excess lower-abdominal skin. She came to my plastic surgery practice wanting to learn more about "Mommy Makeover" procedures to address all of these problems while still maintaining a very natural postoperative physique. I recommended a breast augmentation to restore her breast volume and a mini abdominoplasty to tighten her abdomen and remove her C-section scar.

For this patient I recommended a breast augmentation using Mentor 400cc smooth, round moderate-plus cohesive silicone gel implants placed through the areola and behind the muscle to create a more natural appearance. Mini abdominoplasty requires a smaller scar than a full abdominoplasty, but for patients like this woman, whose abdominal sagginess results mostly from loose skin, this procedure often improves the tone of the waistline significantly.

In her post-operative photos taken 6 weeks after her surgery, this woman shows that she is recovering very well from her breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures. She was very happy with how natural and aesthetically pleasing her abdomen and breasts looked after her surgery, and her abdominoplasty scar is fading nicely. (Please note that the scar of the left upper abdomen was from a skin biopsy performed by another surgeon prior to my surgery.)

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 38
Gender: Female