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This patient is a 36 year old male who presented to my practice with concerns regarding his chest. He felt that he had excess fullness in his chest as well as "puffiness" of the areolas which caused him to be self-conscious about his appearance.

I felt that this patient had gynecomastia (excess tissue fullness in a male chest), and recommended liposuction as well as possible direct tissue removal. I explained that this would help his chest contour dramatically.

With regards to the "puffiness" of the areolas, this is one of the hardest things to reliably correct. Even when all excess fat and breast tissue is removed, the areolas may sometimes maintain a modest amount of fullness because the skin in this area is so thin. I explained that there would probably be a significant improvement, but probably not complete flatness of the areolas.

In the operating room, I performed power-assisted liposuction of the chest. After removing approximately 165cc of fat per side, I examined the chest and could not feel any dense glandular (breast) tissue. As a result, no direct tissue excision was performed.

After surgery, the patient recovered well and was very happy and much more confident about the appearance of his chest.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 36
Gender: Male