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This patient is a 33 year old male who presented to my practice with interest in gynecomastia surgery. This patient had excess fullness in the chest region and was self-conscious about his appearance.

I felt that a combination of power-assisted liposuction and glandular tissue removal through the lower border of the areola would give him the best improvement in his appearance.

During surgery I removed over 56 grams of glandular tissue from the left chest and approximately 52 grams from the right due to a mild preoperative asymmetry. I also performed power-assisted liposuction to flatten out and blend the areas of fat excess. This combination of tissue excision and liposuction created a major improvement in the symmetry and contour of this patient's chest.

Surgery went very well, and I was able to significantly improve this patient's chest contour. He was very pleased with his natural appearing results, and felt much more confident with his shirtless appearance.

Provider: Dr. Cohen