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This patient is a 35 year old female who presented to my practice with concerns about her breast appearance. This patient wished to have fuller breasts, and also wanted the shape to be rounder and the breasts to be closer together.

On evaluation, I felt that this patient had a form of tuberous breasts, which involves tight skin of the lower breast and a high fold under the breast, creating a pointy shape. This is a very difficult problem to treat as the breast tissue can be very resistant to reshaping due to its inherent tightness.

I felt that this patient would need breast augmentation with tightening around the areolas to round out the breasts and to elevate the areolas into a better position (without detaching them). I aslo knew she would need internal loosening of the lower breast tissue to allow the implants to settle into place, and release of the middle breast tissue to create better cleavage.

I performed a breast augmentation with silicone cohesive gel implants placed under the chest muscles. I also performed the internal loosening of the lower and middle breast tissue, and tightening around the areolas as described above. I used Mentor, smooth, round, cohesive silicone gel implants.

The patient did well overall after surgery, and her breasts continue to soften and settle. At 6 weeks postop when the photos were taken, she already showed a remarkable improvement in her chest shape and proportion.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 35
Gender: Female
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