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This 23-year-old patient presented to my office because she wanted to improve her breast shape and get rid of excess fat in the bra fat area. She had severe breast asymmetry with a tuberous breast appearance and significant ptosis (sagging) on the left breast. She also had insufficient glandular tissue a condition called hypoplasia.

I performed circumareolar breast lift on both breasts and breast augmentation using a 345cc implant on the right and 405cc on the left. I removed excess tissue from behind the areolas and performed scoring of the parenchyma to achieve the best overall results. In addition, I performed liposuction on her unwanted fat in the bra area.

I encourage women who are bothered by tuberous breasts to visit my Santa Monica practice for a consultation. I am experienced in this challenging procedure and am able to help my patients feel more confident about the appearance of their breasts.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 23
Gender: Female