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This patient is a 29 year old male who presented to my practice with interest in correction of gynecomastia (excess chest fullness in a male). This patient exercised and watched his diet, however he had noted gynecomastia in the chest since he was a teenager. This problem was quite embarrassing to this patient, and he was reluctant to go shirtless because of his appearance.

I felt that this patient had true gynecomastia with a combination of excess fat and glandular tissue (breast tissue) behing the areolas. I recommended power assisted liposuction to remove the excess chest fat, in combination with direct removal of the glandular tissue through a small incision under each areola.

During surgery, I was able to remove approximately 125cc of fat from each side of the chest. Additionally, I removed multiple segments of white, rubbery glandular tissue from beneath each areola.

After surgery, the patient healed very nicely, and he was extremely pleased with his new chest contour. He also noted that his areola size shrunk down as a result of the surgery. Overall, this patient's confidence in his physical appearance increased significantly as a result of surgery.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 29
Gender: Male

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