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This is a 46 year old female who came to my practice with concerns about facial recontouring. Specifically, she did not like the shape and size of her nose, and felt that her lips and chin were too small. She was also interested in facial rejuvenation as well.

This patient demonstrated an imbalance of her facial proportions which I felt could be improved significantly with surgery. Specifically, I recommended a rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) to reshape and refine the nose, a chin augmentation to add natural projection to her chin, and lip augmentation with restylane in order to improve the fullness of her lips. I also recommended a small amount of liposuction of the jowls and neck to create a sharper jawline.

My main priority in this patient was to maintain a natural result. I did not want to make her look like a different person- she simply wanted an improved version of herself. As a result, I used a small anatomical silicone chin implant, injected 0.6cc of restylane in the upper lip and 0.6cc in the lower lip, as well as 0.8cc in the mouth creases and in a small crease in her left brow. Finally, I performed a rhinoplasty to reduce the size and refine the shape of her nose.

She is seen here less than one month after surgery, with an excellent, natural result. Her nasal definition will continue to improve as the swelling usually takes a full year to completely resolve. She was extremely happy with her results, and we plan on upper and lower lid surgery and a mini-facelift to complete her transformation in the next year.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 48
Gender: Female

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