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This is a woman in her late 50's who came to my medical office with regards to her upper lids. This patient was happy with her overall facial appearance, but felt that recently her eyes had a more "tired" appearance. Her main goal was to rejuvenate her upper lids, but she did not want to have an "operated-on" appearance and she did not want to look like a different person.

I recommended an upper lid blepharoplasty (eye surgery) which would remove the excess skin and some excess fat of the upper lid. I felt that a conservative approach would give her a refreshed, natural appearance with minimal downtime.

I performed an upper lid blepharoplasty with skin and fat resection under local anesthesia. The patient reported almost no discomfort during the procedure.

Postoperatively, this patient recovered with minimal swelling or bruising. The postoperative photos were taken 3 weeks after surgery at which time the scars were barely visible. Please note that no makeup was used to enhance the postoperative photos. The patient was extremely pleased with her natural results and quick recovery.

Provider: Dr. Cohen

Age: 59
Gender: Female

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