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Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular procedures in Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood — and around the world — year after year. Implant manufacturers are constantly working to develop high-quality products that offer patients plentiful options. I offer a wide variety of breast implants so that each patient can achieve completely customized results. Here, learn more about the specific options I offer at my practice and get a clearer picture of your perfect implant.

Whether you're ready to schedule a breast augmentation or just curious about your options, I'm happy to answer all of your questions. Request a consultation or call my office at (310) 576-3635 to schedule your appointment.

Breast Augmentation Patient Photos

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Breast Augmentation Case 438

This patient is a female in her late 20's who presented to my office with complaints of having a breast size smaller than desired. I felt the patient would benefit from bilateral breast augmentation with textured anatomical implants. Preoperative sizing indicated the patient wished...


Breast Augmentation Case 347

This woman, age 24, came to my practice to enhance the size of her breasts and balance her figure. I performed breast augmentation using incisions in each breast fold (inframammary) and placed Sientra "gummy bear" anatomical silicone implants under her chest muscles. Many wome...


Breast Augmentation Case 183

This 23-year-old woman came to my practice because she felt that her breasts were too small for her body. She was interested in breast enhancement, but wanted to maintain a natural appearance.I performed breast augmentation during which I placed silicone implants under the chest muscles usin...


Breast Augmentation Case 129

This patient met with me for a consultation because she had always felt that her breasts were too small. She wanted fuller breasts, but as an athletic woman she wanted to make sure that her breast size didn't affect her physical activities. I performed breast augmentation using...


Breast Augmentation Case 117

This young woman, age 19, wanted to have fuller breasts that looked very natural. I recommended breast augmentation using silicone breast implants placed beneath the chest muscle. In addition to increasing this patient's breast volume with smooth, round, moderate-plus profile, cohes...

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The Perfect Implant for Natural-Looking Results

Although each woman who visits my Los Angeles County practice for breast augmentation is unique, there's one word that comes up again and again during each consultation: "natural." Most women want results that look and feel as natural as possible.

One of the things I love the most about breast augmentation is that there is no universally perfect implant. Instead, I work closely with each patient to consider her existing anatomy as well as her short- and long-term goals while thoughtfully guiding her through her implant options. This careful process results in surgical outcomes that are beautiful, proportionate, and as natural-looking as the patient desires.

Saline or Silicone

One of the first decisions you'll make about your breast implants is whether to choose saline-filled or cohesive silicone gel implants. I am very candid about my preference for the latest generation of silicone gel implants. They create a more natural look and feel, and I believe that they are the superior breast implant material. Most surgeons and patients worldwide agree.

However, this is a decision that is ultimately yours, and I offer saline implants for women who prefer them for their lower price point, as long as the tissues are of significant thickness to lower the risk of rippling, which is much higher with saline implants. Overall, I would argue that the higher quality of silicone far outweighs the modestly lower cost of saline. If I were to use a saline implant these days, I would choose the Ideal Implant, as it feels more like a silicone implant than regular saline implants. Only a limited number of plastic surgeons currently have access to these FDA-approved implants. For more information, visit the manufacturer's website.

Anatomical or Round

You also have the option of anatomical (also called shaped or teardrop-shaped) or round breast implants. I think either can be used to create beautiful results in the hands of a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

For patients who prefer more upper-pole fullness, I will use a round implant. If a woman has less breast tissue or has a softer, more natural transition of the upper breast, an anatomical implant is often the best choice. Contrary to popular belief, anatomical implants still provide quite a bit of upper pole fullness.

Your Choices For Breast Implants: Round or Shaped? Tips to Help You Choose

Smooth or Textured

Round implants come in either a smooth shell or a textured (rough surface) shell. Anatomical implants are always textured. The texture minimizes the risk of implant rotation, as it adheres to the surrounding tissue.

I use textured implants in many of my patients because I prefer the higher implant stability, and the lower risk of capsular contracture. Patients also like the fact that they do not have to perform breast massage after surgery with textured implants.

Profile and Size

The size of implants is very much a personal decision based on your goals. I take careful measurements and can recommend a size that will suit your proportions for a natural or more dramatic look.

Implants also come in low, moderate, moderate-plus, moderate-high, and high profiles, which refers to the width of an implant's base relative to the how far it projects outward from the chest. Low-profile implants are wider and flatter and therefore stick out from the chest less. High-profile implants are narrower and project from the chest more. Profiles also differ by implant manufacturer.

The decision about size and profile is very dependent on the patient's physical characteristics and her goals. I work extensively with each patient to ensure that, within reason, she can achieve the size she wants in a way that looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.


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