Women and men in Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood have lots of options when it comes to plastic surgery. Ultimately, you will choose a plastic surgeon based on his or her credentials, the procedures he or she specializes in, and your level of comfort with that surgeon's personality and ability.

I have been fortunate to have trained with some of the best minds and hands in plastic surgery, and I have had many years and thousands of cases to refine my own surgical skills. My subspecialty focus in aesthetic breast surgery was recognized by other surgeons as particularly cutting-edge, and has allowed me the wonderful opportunity to teach hundreds of other plastic surgeons my philosophy and techniques as well.

I have performed countless procedures for the face, breast, and body, and I am proud of the natural-looking results I achieve for the men and women I have the privilege of serving. As is demonstrated in my extensive photo gallery, I don’t shy away from a challenge, and I am able to use my experience to achieve beautiful results in both the more straightforward cases as well as the very difficult cases. I also truly understand the limits of anatomy and surgery, which allows me to provide my patients with realistic expectations of what their surgery will achieve.

No matter what procedure or procedures you are seeking, I will spend a significant amount of time talking with you to determine which surgery or combination will make you the happiest. I put safety above all, and because of this I use only board-certified MD anesthesiologists, and pay close attention to working up any pre-existing medical issues that could be a safety issue for surgery. If you are not an appropriate candidate for a procedure, or if I don't believe surgery will achieve your goals, I will tell you so. Honesty and good listening skills are cornerstones of the strong relationships I build with my patients.

No matter what your aesthetic goals, I am happy to answer all of your questions. Request a consultation or call my office at (310) 576-3635 to schedule your appointment.


Dr. Robert Cohen

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cohen is a leader in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery whose expertise is highly regarded by both patients interested in improving their appearance, and plastic surgeons seeking to improve their techniques by attending his lectures. Dr. Cohen's goal is to understand your specific concerns, evaluate your anatomy in detail, and create a customized plan to help you achieve the best results possible based on the most modern techniques and materials available. Let him put his experience and aesthetic insight to work for you.

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