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Labiaplasty ModelAt my practice in Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood, I perform labia reduction surgery, or labiaplasty, for women from Los Angeles and other nearby communities who are unhappy with the appearance of their vaginal area, and who may also experience physical discomfort from enlarged or elongated labia. This is a very personal topic, and not always easy for women to discuss, but I assure my patients that it is not at all uncommon. I am happy to see that women are becoming more comfortable discussing this intimate issue, and that awareness of labia reduction surgery is growing.

Whether you're ready to schedule your labia reduction or you're just curious, I am happy to answer all of your questions. Request a consultation or call my office at (310) 576-3635 to schedule your appointment.

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Labia Reduction Case 270

This is a 21 year old female who presented to my practice with concerns regarding her labia minora (inner vaginal lips). Specifically, this patient had redundant tissue of the inner labia which became irritated when she wore tight pants. She was also self-conscious regarding the appearance of her...


Labia Reduction Case 76

This is a patient in her early 20's from the midwest who flew in to my practice with complaints of excess skin of the labia minora. This patient was extremely self-consious and embarrassed about the appearance of her genitalia to the point that it affected her dating and sexual life. She wished...

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A Personalized Labia Reduction

There are a number of reasons that a woman might have elongated or oversized inner vaginal lips (labia minora). For some women, this condition is the result of pregnancy and childbirth; for others, it is genetic. Many women experience physical discomfort when wearing a bathing suit, tight jeans, or other snug clothing. Riding a bicycle or a horse may also be uncomfortable, and it's not uncommon for women to report discomfort during sex.

In addition to the physical problems associated with protruding or prominent labia, many women feel embarrassed or self-conscious about the appearance of their genitals, and this can affect their intimate relationships.

Each woman's complaints and concerns are unique, and I listen attentively and compassionately during the consultation. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have extensive training and experience with this delicate procedure, and I have helped numerous women to feel better, both physically and emotionally, with labia reduction surgery. As is the case with all of my surgeries, the technique I use is specifically customized to address each woman's particular issues.

Surgical Details

Labiaplasty Trim Incision Labiaplasty Wedge Incision

Although the idea of having surgery on your genitals may seem scary, the labia reduction procedure is actually safe and straightforward when performed by an experienced surgeon. I typically perform a variation of the wedge resection technique developed by Dr. Gary Alter of Beverly Hills. Instead of trimming away the outer edge of the labia (the traditional, or trim method), this approach removes a wedge of tissue from each of the labia minora, which offers several advantages. This technique minimizes the risk of sensation loss, and minimizes scarring along the edge of the labia for a better aesthetic appearance. The wedge technique takes a little longer and is more technically challenging than traditional labiaplasty, but in my opinion it is a superior approach.

Because of the limited surgical area, I can perform this procedure using local anesthesia with sedation, which some patients find appealing. If a woman prefers to undergo general anesthesia, which is the more common route for this surgery, it will be administered by a board-certified MD anesthesiologist.

Labia reduction is an outpatient procedure with a relatively brief recovery period. Improvement can be seen immediately, and scars fade quickly and are very discreet. This is a surgery that is long lasting, low maintenance, and can be life-changing for women who experience significant discomfort or sexual embarrassment due to oversized labia.


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