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Dr. Cohen Interviewed in VoyageLA

Dr. Cohen was interviewed for a story in VoyageLA, an online magazine that highlights the people, events, and businesses that make the city great. In this interview, learn more about Dr. Cohen’s personal and professional life and the challenges of opening a second practice. Read More >

Dr. Robert Cohen was a featured speaker at the ASAPS Experienced Insights in Breast and Body Contouring 2017 conference in San Francisco, CA

Dr. Cohen shared about the cutting edge techniques for breast and body contouring he uses at his practice. It was an honor for Dr. Cohen to be selected to share his expert insights on this specialty with an audience of his peers. Watch Dr. Cohen's video discussing this event >

Plastic Surgery's Role in Finding Balance

In his latest RadioMD appearance, Dr. Cohen discusses the importance of moderation in lifestyle habits. It's OK to have "cheat days," he says, so long as it's part of a balanced, healthy life. He then explains that for many of his patients, part of achieving that balance is taking cosmetic steps to improve their body image. Listen to the Interview >

New Implant: More Choices Are Always Good for Patients

New Beauty asked Dr. Cohen to offer his opinion on the newly-approved Natrelle INSPIRA® Cohesive, Allergan's form-stable round silicone implant. His response: "More choices means more tools for surgeons to help their patients achieve the best possible result." Read More >

Recovery After Surgery, Week by Week

For this month's RadioMD appearance, Dr. Cohen shares his experiences guiding patients through the recovery process. He says that for most procedures, patients will spend the first few days on pain medication, feel up to light work by the first or second week, and gradually return to an exercise regimen after about a month. Listen to the Interview >

More Options Than Ever When Choosing Breast Implants

In an interview with RadioMD, Dr. Cohen says it's an exciting time for women considering breast augmentation. Breast implant choices are more varied than ever, and with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon, it's easy to customize the procedure to suit a patient's unique needs. Dr. Cohen describes the different types of breast implants and explains the importance of an in-person consultation. Listen to the Interview >

Popularity of Gynecomastia Surgery Increasing

In this interview with RadioMD, Dr. Cohen talks about male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia, which is becoming increasingly popular. He says some of his patients are so embarrassed by their appearance they are even reluctant to take off their shirts at their consultations. Learn how the surgery can help. Listen to the Interview >

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

Writing as a guest blogger for RadioMD, Dr. Cohen says that checking credentials should be your starting point in the search for the right plastic surgeon. He offers tips on what to look for in a surgeon's board certifications and CV, and he also emphasizes the importance of online reviews from sources such as RealSelf. Read More >

Labiaplasty: Why It's a Popular Procedure

Dr. Cohen appears on HER Radio to discuss labia reduction surgery. In the segment, he explains that women who consider the procedure have often experienced discomfort when wearing tight clothing or performing certain activities, such as riding a bicycle. After having the procedure, patients are very happy with the improved appearance of their labia, and report that these problems go away, without any negative effect on sexual function. Listen to the Interview >

Plastic Surgery Abroad: "You Don't Know What You're Going to Get"

In this RadioMD interview, Dr. Cohen talks through the trend of plastic surgery tourism, in which patients are heading overseas for procedures to save money. He explains why that can be a risky move, and why U.S. surgeons commonly need to perform expensive revision procedures on patients who have experienced complications after surgery. Listen to the Interview >

Dr. Cohen Talks About Patients' Motivations for Surgery

In this RadioMD interview, Dr. Cohen explains that for many of his patients, plastic surgery is a path to gaining confidence and self-esteem. Patients want how they look on the outside to match how they feel on the inside -- and correcting sagging skin and signs of aging can help. Listen to the Interview >

10 Things to Look for in a Surgeon & Procedure

In this feature article, Dr. Cohen shares the 10 things that matter most when considering plastic surgery. Doing your homework can make a big difference: "It is a lot easier and more cost-effective to have a surgery done right up front," Dr. Cohen says, "than to fix a problem after problems occur." Read More >

Dr. Cohen Offers Tips for Choosing a Surgeon
in West Coast Magazine

In this online feature for West Coast Magazine, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen uses his years of experience to provide his top 10 tips to help patients choose a physician. Learn which credentials to check and what to ask during a consultation. Read Article

Press Releases

Dr. Cohen Makes the 'Top Doctor' List — For the 5th Time

TopDoc Award 2016

Each year, Phoenix magazine asks 5,000 local doctors to nominate their fellow physicians, surgeons, and psychiatrists to the "Top Doctors" list, naming people they deem exemplary in their specialty. Dr. Cohen was named among just 12 plastic surgeons specializing in body procedures in 2016, marking his fifth time on the list. Read More

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Expands Practice to Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood

After years in Arizona, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen has opened a Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood, CA office to grow his popular practice. Read More

Social Media


Dr. Cohen Describes Gummy Bear Implants

In this CBS News video, Dr. Robert Cohen discusses his role in the development of gummy bear breast implants, popular among his Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood-area patients. He also discusses how these implants differ from other silicone versions and sheds light on their widespread appeal.

Helping Deserving Patients Worldwide

In this FOX segment, Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen shares some of the work he's done with 1for1 Medical, a charitable organization that provides free care in developing nations. Dr. Cohen is a founding member of 1for1 Medical.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robert Cohen shares his favorite tips for choosing the best plastic surgeon to serve your needs. In this video, he addresses board certification, before-and-after photos, and other popular topics.

Which Breast Implants Are Right for You?

When he approaches patients considering breast implants, Dr. Robert Cohen is eager to help. In this video, he discusses the different factors to consider when selecting implants and guides patients to the best possible options.

40% Men: Today's Breast Reduction Surgeries

In this short interview, Dr. Cohen shares how trends in plastic surgery have changed over the years. As people have become more open to plastic surgery, men have changed their attitudes about deciding to undergo procedures. Breast reduction surgery, in particular, has seen a surge in popularity with men who have excess fullness in the chest.

Speaking at Advanced Aesthetic in St. Petersburg, Russia

In October 2016, Dr. Cohen traveled to St. Petersburg to address the fourth annual meeting of the Advanced Aesthetic Live Surgery & Injections Course. There, he contributed insights on his surgical approach and participated in panel discussions. The event brought in 1,400 people, including more than 500 plastic surgeons.

Dr. Robert Cohen

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Dr. Cohen is a leader in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery whose expertise is highly regarded by both patients interested in improving their appearance, and plastic surgeons seeking to improve their techniques by attending his lectures. Dr. Cohen's goal is to understand your specific concerns, evaluate your anatomy in detail, and create a customized plan to help you achieve the best results possible based on the most modern techniques and materials available. Let him put his experience and aesthetic insight to work for you.

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