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At my practice in Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood, brow lift, or forehead lift surgery is performed to elevate the forehead and eyebrows, which naturally begin to descend with age. It's not uncommon for people to overlook the significant role the forehead and brows play in a youthful appearance, focusing more on eyelids or aging in the lower face. When the brow droops, it can create an angry or haggard look, and can even affect the appearance of the upper eyelids. As I explain to my patients, restoring a smooth forehead and a youthful position to the brows can open up the eye area and take several years off of your appearance.

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Brow Lift Case 34

This is a 45 year old female who came to my practice for rejuvenation of the upper lids and brow. When I saw this patient, I noted that one of the main issues affecting her appearance was asymmetry (difference from one side to the other) of her brow. Specifically, her right brow was much lower...

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A Personalized Brow Lift

The goal of brow lift surgery is to bring the brows back to their original, youthful position. In women, this usually means restoring a gentle arch, and in men, keeping a straighter, more masculine brow position. There is no risk of looking "pulled" or "surprised" with this approach. You can expect to have a smoother forehead, natural looking brows, and even improvements in the appearance of the upper eyelids.

I use many different techniques for brow lifts, and the approach I take depends on the patient's unique anatomy and goals for his or her surgery.

Surgical Details

The brow lift approach I perform most frequently is called a "subcutaneous brow lift." I make 2 fine incisions at the hairline. I elevate the brow using direct dissection beneath the skin, but above the muscles and nerves. This minimizes pain and swelling, and there is less likelihood of losing sensation in the forehead and scalp. The goal is to set the eyebrows in a natural position and stabilize them, not to create a “surprised” appearance. With the brow lift, many patients will have less need to physically raise their brow, and as a result, the forehead lines will naturally smooth out. If necessary, BOTOX can also be added for the most effective improvement. Once the brow is elevated and stabilized, if the upper lids still have excess skin, I can perform a simultaneous upper lid blepharoplasty (eyelid skin reduction).

Brow lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, and usually requires that you be under general anesthesia. I always use certified M.D. anesthesiologists for general anesthesia procedures. You will return home the day of your surgery, and you will be instructed to keep your head elevated. We will see you for a follow up the day after your surgery, and then again in about a week.

Most patients are comfortable going out socially in about 2 weeks. I will give you more detailed instructions about incision care, activity restrictions, and so on prior to your surgery.


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